Sightseeing of (Iwate) HIRAIZUMI, a World Heritage

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Do you know HIRAIZUMI? Hiraizumi is a valuable and famous sightseeing area and was registered with a World Heritage in 2011.


The yellow area is Iwate Pref. and Hiraizumi is here, the south part of Iwate Pref., which is accessible place to go.

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The most convenient way from Tokyo to go there is using Tohoku Shinkansen.

You can get the nearest station “Ichinoseki”to Hiraizumi from Tokyo in about 2.5 hours.

You can also go speedy to the nearest airport “Iwate Hanamaki” by regular frights between

these cities -Osaka,Nagoya,Sappro,Fukuoka,  and occasionally , there are charter flights between foreign cities such as Taipei, Bangkok, and Honolulu.

Of course, you can easily get Hiraizumi from Ichinoseki station or Iwate Hanamaki Airport, if you use tour buses, rental-cars, and taxies.

Now, I do recommend 4 spots of tourist attractions for 1 or 2 days trip of Hiraizumi.

Let’s introduce these 4 recommendable spots of Hiraizumi – on this wide map.


1) Chuson-ji,

2) Moti-ji,

3) Geibi-kei,

and 4) Genbi-kei.

1) Chuson-ji, including “Konjikido”


Along the wide approach,there’re many big and small architectures and at the end , you can arrive at “Konjikido”, a golden hall protected by outer hall. Inner Konjikido is rather small, but is made by delicate goldwork, and beautiful shells, and jewelries. And in this hall, 4 Oshu-Fujiwara loads are resting, and the place has a wonderful power of fortune, which have attracted many people including Marco Polo so long time.

2) Motu-ji, having beautiful classical garden .


The area of Motu-ji used to be more wide and gorgeous than Chuson-ji and even now has a beautiful and classical garden in Heian era for praying for the peace of the world. In May, there held “Gokusui-no-en”, a poetry event wearing “juuni-hitoe”, a women’s formal costume in Heian era.

If you watch the event, you might feel as if you experienced a time slip to Heian Era.

3) Geibi-kei, going on a boat.


You can see such beautiful scenery just like an India-ink painting during all the time you’re on the boat for about one and half an hour!

4) Genbi-kei, where you can eat unique DANGO


At last, as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of Genbi-kei, you can eat “Kakko Dango”, very delicious dumplings. Isn’t it amaging to see Dango flying across the nice valley ?

Why don’t you visit Hiraizumi, and enjoy the sightseeing of this area some day?

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